Association of Arts and Crafts Professionals of

Arts and crafts has been an important part of S-H's cultural productions for centuries. If one traces its development in the various museums, the vitality and originality of the arts and crafts movement throughout time emerges. Taking as its models the Art Nouveau and Bauhaus styles, it reached high levels of quality. arts and crafts schools were founded in Kiel, Flensburg, as well as Eckernförde, and later turned into arts and crafts colleges.

In the age of computer design, world-wide mass production, and dissolving notions of culture, the personal and regional identity has to be redefined again and again. At the same time, artists open new paths creatively, culturally, and socially. These new paths sind innovative in their uses of materials, techniques, and designs. Moreover, they oscillate between fine art and handicraft. The results are artistic productions, which focus on the aesthetic enrichment and the individualization of everyday life. They are pleasing intellectually and emotionally.

The workshops and studios of the members of the BAK S-H are open to interested visitors. Annual exhibitions show both the regional and the international developments and dynamics in the area of arts and crafts. The intensive cooperation with artists from the Scandinavian and Baltic partnership regions enriches the creative processes across the borders in particular ways. For further information please visit connectingartsandcrafts...

The association offers a professional network for the artists of S-H. It also represents the interests of its members and makes their works known to the public. Moreover, the association offers a platform where artists can discuss and exchange their artistic creations, and where they can obtain stimuli. Their communal experiences can be incorporated creatively into the works of the members of the association.

At the national level, the BAK-SH is a part of the BK, which represents the affairs of arts and crafts both nationally and internationally.